Oreo’s Lament: A Cautionary Tale

We’re all guilty of a weekend or two where our diet goes out the window! Unfortunately, our pets have a naughty appetite too!

Oreo’s Lament: A Cautionary Tale

Little Oreo, a 9 month old Labradoodle puppy was enjoying a weekend jaunt at her mum and dad's friend's house. Once she came home, her paw-rents noted that Oreo was a little unwell. The next day, Oreo had some vague signs of illness including vomiting, changes to her stool and lameness in her movements. Oreo's paw-rents were keeping a close eye on her demeanour, looking for any extra warning signs!

Four days later, poor Oreo was back for some more diagnostics. She was still having intermittent bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea, and while she was happy enough, she wasn't 100% herself.

Oreo was admitted to hospital for some x-rays and the vet immediately noticed something that shouldn't be inside a little pup's belly – an irregular radiopaque object that was the cause of poor Oreo's distress. The vet called to discuss the possibility of surgical removal with Oreo's family, but they wanted to wait a few hours to see if the object would move any more on its own. At 2pm, another x-ray was taken and to the staff's relief, the object had moved!

Being such an irregular shape, Oreo was given an enema to assist in the passing of the object that was now in her colon. The object was later revealed to be a small chunk of rubber!

Thankfully, this item was small enough for Oreo to pass without needing to go into surgery, but it's a very cautionary tale to all pup-owners. Always call your vet if there's something out of the ordinary going on with your pet! This way, we can ensure that your pup’s tail is back wagging as soon as possible!