Senior scan program

Old age is not a disease but we are aware that certain diseases can be age related. Early detection of disease can often lead to an improved outcome for your pet and that means more quality time together.

Additional tests available in our senior dog and cat programs for your ageing pet

At Brunswick Central Vet Clinic, our current senior cat and dog programs involving regular examination, blood and urine testing go a long way in aiding the early detection of disease. However, we are now able to offer further tests to help uncover lurking diseases in an otherwise seemingly normal pet. These tests are abdominal ultrasound and digital thoracic radiographs. These are are non-invasive scanning procedures that can detect early stages of cancer and other diseases. When diagnosed early, many conditions can more often be successfully managed.

Our aim is provide the best quality of care so your pet can live an active long life... and peace of mind for you.

For more information about the tests, talk to one of our veterinarians next time you visit with your senior pet. You're also welcome to contact us at the clinic too.