Sunshine, Surf and Grass Seeds

With all the glorious weather Melbourne has been getting, it's great to see our furry friends getting out and amongst it. They have had romps in the surf and zoomies at the park while their parents relax with a picnic. This has to be up there with the top ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately for our four-legged friends, these Frisbee free-for-alls and games of chasey can have uncomfortable side-effects - Grass seeds! 

Grass seeds, or fox-tails as they can be known, easily get snagged in fur or fabric and move along with your pet, eventually bumping up against skin and embedding themselves. Ouch! We have commonly located grass seeds in between toes, around the collar, in ear canals and in areas such as the groin or armpits in longer-haired pets. It's a good idea after a walk, play at the park or any grassy area to give your pet a brush once home, paying special attention to the spaces in between the toes and near the ears to help avoid any grass seed injuries from occurring.

Signs to look out for are sore feet or lameness, head shaking, frequent ear scratching, and new lumps or bumps that may bleed a little or create a tender spot when your pet is being patted. As always, the team at Brunswick Vet Clinic are here to help and if you are worried your pet has a grass seed injury or would simply like it checked, please give them a call. 

Got a tangly terrier? Is your Moodle more of a mop than a dog? Our sister clinic Carlton Vet Surgery's resident groomer can help and she is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. To book, simply give the team at Carlton Vet a call.