The Easter Bunny has left us …. Adoption kittens!

Adoption Kittens

In April at the Brunswick Central Vet Clinic, the Easter Bunny left more than Easter eggs behind - we have new adoption kittens! These fur babies came to us after charming the team at Essendon Vet Clinic. In need of a change of scenery, these two beautiful cats have helped resolved the case of empty nest syndrome at Brunswick Central Vet, proving to be a welcome addition to our team.  
Abigail and Ariel, both five months old, are ready for to find their loving, forever homes. With all their vetwork completed, the girls are raring to spend their days stretching in the sun and cuddling their new best friends. While the girls are very close, they do love time apart and would thrive in environments independent to one another, should they find homes in different places.   
If there's an Abigail or Ariel-shaped hole in your life, or you know somebody that would love a soft little life companion to come home to, please give us a call to arrange to meet the girls and have a snuggle today!