Get to Know the Newbie

Rach started with us late October and is a spectacular addition to the front of house team. You may have seen her smiling face greet you and your furry family members as you enter the clinic.

Rachael's love of animals started young with her childhood dogs meaning the world to her - two westies with skin troubles and subpar cruciate ligaments meant she became accustomed to vet clinics from a young age.

She has spent the past three years nursing her heart out; promoting patient advocacy in clinics, falling in love with our furry/feathered friends, and investing in the family stories that come through our doors.

If she were to be any animal, she would be an Australian pelican - coastal views, snacks on-the-go and no need to migrate unless she tires of the available menu! What a life.

She has 2 dogs herself:

Harley. Pomeranian. 7yo. A skilled adventurer with no sense of direction.

Pickles. Jack russell x corgi. 11yo. A long dog with a passion for breakfast, dinner and most snacks between. 

Interesting fact: she terrified of octopus!

We love having her apart of the Brunswick Central family, be sure to say hello if you haven't already!