Famous heroic cats

Prepare to be amazed by some of the world’s most heroic cats who have used their talented abilities and natural instincts to help save their owners and other animals from stressful and potentially dangerous situations like gas leaks, house fires and illnesses.

Their uncanny ability to sense danger and to use their friendly yet assertive nature has helped save the lives of many humans and animals over the years from a variety of potentially devastating circumstances.

Read on to find out how 5 cats from around the world have shown bravery and courage to perform extraordinary tasks.

Pwditat The Guide Cat

Pwditat the guide cat with Terfel the blind dog

After a family dog Terfel eventually became blind after suffering from serious cataracts, a kind and caring cat called Pwditat was introduced to the family, who helped Terfel the dog feed, play and go outside by guiding him with her paws. The cat and dog became such good friends that Pwditat wouldn’t leave Terfel’s side, even sleeping in the same bed with him during the night. Thanks to Pwditat’s kind nature, Terfel’s quality of life was greatly increased and he was able to perform essential daily tasks with a great friend by his side.

Jessi-Cat The Listener

A young boy from the UK Lorcan is affected by Selective Mutism, which makes it difficult for him to speak and communicate clearly. The young boy even had trouble talking to his own mother and family but not when he got his brand new friend, Jessi-Cat who became an excellent listener.

Jessi-Cat’s friendly and caring nature created a safe environment for Lorcan, who learnt to express his thoughts and emotions by speaking to the cat. Thanks to the bond between Lorcan and Jessi-Cat, the boy soon learnt to express his thoughts via speech to other people and was confidently speaking to his mother and family more than he’d ever done before. Jessi-Cat was awarded UK’s National Cat of the Year 2012 for her patient and helpful assistance.

Scarlett The Brave

Showing an outstanding display of bravery was Scarlett, a stray cat with many kittens who lived in a run down building without a proper home or access to food or decent care. After the building they lived in caught fire, Scarlett rescued her kittens from the burning residence despite suffering from serious burns to her eyelids, ears and body. Scarlett the cat and her kittens were later adopted by a family that helped them to make a full recovery despite a few burn marks. The story of Scarlett’s bravery to save her family was later made into an enticing children’s book The Bravest Cat, celebrating her unwavering courage and strength to save her family.

Rusty The Nurse

Rusty the cat saved his owner Claire from having a heart attack by continuing to bother her while she laid down for a rest when she wasn’t feeling well. Claire noticed the unusual behavior from Rusty, who was typically an independent cat. She decided to call the ambulance thanks to his concern only to later realize that she had suffered a heart attack and her cat Rusty had helped to save her life.

Tara The Saviour

Tara a local cat bravely fought off a neighbourhood dog that was attacking a young child by biting the dog and pulling him off the child’s bike. The cat went straight for the dog, body-slamming him aside as he went to bite the child. The child was taken to hospital for stitches however we have no doubt that the incident could have been much worse if Tara hadn’t been so brave and protective of the child.