Mort the wonder cat

Late last year Mort presented to the clinic after his owners noticed an unusual swelling on his face. First suspicions were that perhaps Mort had got into a bit of scrap with some of his feline neighbours however after the usual treatments no improvements were seen. Slowly the swelling grew larger and began to affect Mort's poor eye, so under anesthesia, biopsy's were taken.

After an anxious wait from the laboratory, Mort was diagnosed with an extremely rare and only recently discovered fungal infection called Aspergillus felis, originally identified by a professor in Sydney a few years ago. This contagious fungal infection can be very aggressive and if allowed to grow can eventually spread to the brain causing serious harm. Thankfully we were able to catch it in time.

Mort spent a few weeks in hospital receiving pain relief as well as intensive anti fungal treatments daily. With some improvements, Mort was able to return home to be with his family to continue his regime and at his regular check ups with Dr Alex, he is showing amazing progress so far! We are so proud of Mort and his family!